10.63'' 3D Sex Doll with Tight Vagina and Anal for Men Masturbation

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  • Mini version of a sexy stunner, realize your erotic plans together with the docile beauty.
  • Complete desire-inspiring body organs, fascinating curves and details.
  • Beyond-perfect pussy and asshole, pick the sex style you love the most.
  • One hand controllable size, easy joy.
  • TPR material, touch as real as human body.



There will always be obstacles between you and the people you want to achieve sexual plans with. I have to admit that this can be extremely hard, especially when you mean nobody to your dream lover. But fortunately, you can have something for replacement. This sexy stunner can be a good option. As you might expect, it owns the eye-catching breasts with two pink cherries on, a slender waist that just fits your palms, and stunning hips which bring you sexual pleasure... Wicked! She has already got herself washed, and is ready to bear everything you give her, fiery, crazy, and sinking. . . She eagerly held your great bro by her breasts, pussy and finally asshole, exploring all ways to enhance intimacy. Dense penis-sucking pleasure eventually leads to deep ejaculation! Then, the next round begins...


Size: 10.63*6.69*5.11inch

Material: TPR

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Package included:
1 x sex doll


masturbator for masturbation
the sexy curves of this male masturbator
Channel of this masturbator doll
Choose your favorite posture

Dildo inserting into the separated vaginal and anal channelStretchy material be rubbed and pulled at will

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