T-Rex Large Ultra-Powerful Telescopic Masturbator




  • Length : 10.25 in
  • Colour : Red
  • Diameter : Flexible, adapts to all diameters
  • Material : TPR Soft Touch
  • Thrusting Speed : 3

If there were a prize for the most powerful, ferocious, and incredibly pleasureful sex toy for men on the market, this large telescopic T-Rex masturbator would win without question!  This is the most intense male masturbator of its kind! It is so powerful that regular batteries just don't cut it – this toy only works while plugged in! This masturbator provides ultra-strong solo sensations as you've never experienced before.
While your masturbation session will be incredibly powerful, the silicone orifice of the toy is super-soft and comfortable, and it is made of high-quality silicone. This toy has an internal length of 8 inches! It also has a ribbed sleeve for unbelievable pleasure with each stroke back and forth. 
This large sex toy for men (10.25 x 5.5 x 4 inches) has 3 different thrusting speeds. While the slowest speed will tempt and tease you, the fastest speed will make you come almost immediately!
This masturbator can only be used while plugged into the mains (it features an American plug with a Europlug adapter).
Before using this masturbation toy for the first time, remember to unscrew to bottom cap to remove the protective foam.


The T-Rex is the most powerful sex toy for men on the market! No other masturbator for men will satisfy you like this incredibly efficient device. While using this mains-powered masturbator, you'll feel like your hands are doing all of the work, while in reality, it's your trusty masturbator. This large sex toy will satisfy all of your steamy desires. The T-Rex masturbator's back-and-forth function will pleasure your penis until your solo play reaches its earth-shaking conclusion.


The incredibly soft orifice of this sex toy for men offers a contrast to the toy's amazingly powerful motor. This super-tight vagina orifice is extremely comfortable, and will warmly welcome your penis into its soft silicone sleeve. This toy has a flexible inner width, to accommodate any penis girth. It has an internal length of 8 inches. The vagina orifice is ribbed for authentic pleasure during thrusting. Choose from 3 different thrusting modes to customize your pleasure with the powerful T-Rex masturbator.


Masturbators are sex toys for men that have been specially designed to offer you game-changing solo sensations. Our masturbators feature tight and textured orifices, soft mateirals, and automatic features, to make you come in a matter of minutes. This masturbator is a must-have for all of your steamy solo sessions.


This sex toy is mains-powered, as it is too powerful for regular batteries.
This masturbator only has one button, which you can:
hold down for a few seconds to switch the toy on and off
press to change the speed of the sex toy (once switched on).
Take care of your new favourite masturbator
To clean your powerful masturbator, follow these steps:
1. Unscrew the caps from each end by slightly turning them counter-clockwise.
2. Turn the small clips (located at the opposite end of the vagina) inward to push the capsule out of the toy.
3. Once you've removed the capsule, unclip the three buttons to remove the TPE part for cleaning.
Follow the same procedure in reverse to put the toy back together. Take care to not clip onto the silicone sleeve when putting the toy back together, as it is fragile. 
We recommend that you clean this sex toy with a suitable cleaner to prevent damage to its texture.
We also highly recommend that you use lubricant with the T-Rex masturbator for your comfort and pleasure.

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