3.7” Extension Penis Enhancement Sleeve




  • Textured interior and exterior, real two-way enjoyment.
  • Extension part is equipped with a semen storage tube, allow you to ejaculate as you wish.
  • 3.7" extension in length, regain the glory of the penis.
  • A ball strap at the bottom, get fixed and provide unique testicular stimulation.
  • TPE material, soft, highly elastic, fit around the penis.
  • Complete water resistance, suitable for any water-related play area.



An incredible 3.7 inches of actual extension! Get ready to enjoy refreshing couple sex! No one can resist a majestic dick, and this sleeve can help you regain male dignity and obtain admiration from your partner. Wear it with the help of lubricant, taking care to ensure that the ball ring is correctly positioned behind the balls, then penetrate the inviting pussy exposed in front of you with this extra-long dick, both of you will be given new exciting sex. The depth that has never been reached ever is severely impacted, so strong that she raise her head unbearably, while fulfilled groans come out of her mouth. Similarly, the violent stimulation also makes you unable to calm down for a while. The ribs on the inner wall of the sleeve rub against your bro under the action of the vagina, itching and tingling. Two-way stimulation helps you two reach orgasm more easily. By the way, you are allowed to ejaculate as you wish due to the semen storage tube at extension part, without worrying about the blockage of semen. Bring it home to enjoy an easy way to a longer lasting erection.


Total length: 8.9”

Insertable length: 3.7”

Width: 1.7”

Weight: 0.3 lb

Material: TPE

Package included:
1 x penis sleeve

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