Metal Replaceable Poker-Like Base Anal Plug




  • Drop shape,easy to insert.
  • 4 replaceable poker-like bases, different bases create different atmospheres.
  • Metal material can be heated or cooled with water, create unexpected feelings.
  • Small size, suitable for beginners.
  • Easy to clean, no breeding of bacteria.



This aluminum alloy butt plug with a poker jewel base allows you to enjoy a pleasant day. With 3.1 inches of insertable length and a small size, this smooth drop-shaped metal plug not only can be easily inserted into your body , but also very suitable for the beginners of anal games. All you need is a drop of lube, then you can start your anal adventure. The narrow neck and wide base fix it, which makes it very safe to use, it will be fixed in a position and will not be inserted too deeply. The poker diamond base at the bottom is replaceable. There are 4 styles for you to choose from, both the colour and the pattern are different. Replace them according to your preferences and mood, these diamonds will make your intimate area shine, and your lover will be pleasantly surprised, which would be an unforgettable sight. As it is made of metal, you can change its temperature with hot water or cold water before use. Whether it is cold or hot, it will always bring you unexpected feelings. After use, you can simply rinse it with water and leave it to dry.  Without bacteria breeding, the process of using is really convenient and hygienic.



Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 3.5*0.98’’

Insertable size:3.2’’


Package included:

1*Butt Plug

4*Diamond Base

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