Mizz Zee Magic Air Pressure Sucking Cup Penis Pump

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Product Description:

Do you want to clearly observe how your penis insert into the pussy, how get congestive and become larger, and how to reach orgasm? Do you want to see how your penis get exercised step by step and realize the perfect enlargement size of your dreams? Then the penis exercise masturbation device is exactly what you need, an artifact to meet your aspiration of muscularity and orgasmic intimacy. We hope that you can also get amazing pleasure during the exercise, so the interior is designed to be covered with realistic threads, allowing you to enjoy the real sense of sucking. The dense protrusion at the top will tightly wrap your glans when you insert in, giving you a sweet feeling of being tenderly kissed. The entrance is full of flesh sensuality, which perfectly mimics the squeezing feeling given by lover's plump labia. How exquisite it will be! Remove clothes, left hand covered with lubricant to tease dick, to make it erect. Cock seems to be pulled, slowly stretching forward, which helps to prolong your erection time and increase the sex stamina. Click the power button to open the product. Use a special button to change three different suction levels. You can choose suction degree according to your moods. When the maximum suction is reached, press the release button to release the pressure. In this way, your dick can be helped to realize healthy and firm erections. If you think it's too strong, press the button to release the air pressure, which is really safer. This product can be used in two ways: one is to insert the whole penis into the airplane cup, and the other is to insert the head into the cup and feel a strong suction on glans. In addition, this detachable pump allows easy cleaning. The only thing you need to do for cleaning: prepare warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. 

Easy to clean

To clean up the sleeve, just simply take out the sleeve. The sleeves of this product have two holes for easy cleaning. Wash it with water under 40℃ and put some soap, dry and place it in a cool place. 

Note: Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Transparent design, satisfy the desire of peeping.
  • Realistic threads and protrusions inside, fully massage your bro.
  • 3 suction modes, multiple sweetness.
  • Entrance with real pussy sensuality, perfectly mimics the lover's sweet opening.
  • Detachable sleeve, easy cleaning.
  • Soft and flexible TPE material, tolerate arbitrary distortion.

Size: 12.2" in total length, 6.1"insertable.
Weight: 1.51 lb
Material: ABS+TPE


Package List:
1 × penis pump

1 × USB charging cable

1 × instruction

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