MONITOR Automatic Thrusting Masturbator



  • Length : 9.75 in
  • Colour : Black and Red
  • Material : TPE
  • Thrusting Speed : 10
  • Sleeve type : Mouth
  • USB : Yes
  • Heating : Yes
  • Internal Length : 3.5 in
  • Internal width : 1.5 in
  • Voice function : Yes
  • Sleeve texture : With bumps

This male masturbator has all of the right features for a perfect solo session: 10 thrusting modes, heating function, audio function with 3 female voices, a large telescopic shell. Thanks to this sex toy for men, you’ll masturbate in a different way to feel a maximum of pleasure. You can experience the ultimate in pleasure as often as you’d like, as you won’t need a partner.


The mouth-shaped orifice perfectly reproduces the feeling of a real blow job. Simply slip your erect penis into the 3.5-inch-deep, 1.5-inch-wide sleeve. Made of TPE, the sleeve is lined with ultra-soft pleasure nubs that will gently massage your erect penis to give you the ultimate in pleasure! The heating function also adds an extra dimension of realism, as it makes the sleeve the same temperature of a woman’s intimate area.


Its user-friendly design makes it pleasurable to control. Its small size makes this the perfect partner for your dreamy solo sessions. Ultra light, this masturbator stays perfectly in place. Simply choose a comfortable position, lube up your penis, and enjoy a truly pleasurable experience. 
To ensure the longevity of your sex toy, you’ll want to clean the sleeve after each use with a bit of soapy water and a special Sex Toy Cleaner. We recommend that you dry it with a soft cloth before replacing it in the orifice. You may also wish to wear a condom during masturbation to make it easier to clean.


This large telescopic masturbator for men offers 10 different thrusting modes to change from regular manual masturbation, with its repetitive sensations. No more monotonous stroking! Each mode has its own surprises when you change from one cycle to the next. Fast, slow, pulses, continuous - it’s up to you to choose wit this automatic masturbator. You’ll become addicted to using this high-technology masturbation mechanism. The Love & Vibes boutique has a wide selection of masturbators for men. From the manual model to the automatic model, or the sucking model, you’ll want to check this toy out as soon as possible! 


On top of the deep stimulation of your penis, this toy will turn you on with the sound of a woman moaning with pleasure! Thanks to the audio feature, this thrusting masturbator offers you the possibility of masturbating in the “company” of a female partner. Choose from an English, Chinese, or Japanese voice to bring a bit of exoticism to your erotic session. This masturbator speaks the universal language of love, no matter if you don’t understand what your lover is saying! Concentrate on the small moans of the delicious creatures you’re sharing your sex session with, as both of you explode in absolute ecstasy.

User’s guide

1/ Charge up this thrusting masturbator with the USB charger provider
2/ Hold down the power button for two seconds (bottom left button)
3/ Press the F button to activate the first thrusting modes and press it again until you find the right rhythm for you
4/ If you’d like to speed up the rhythm of your masturbator, press the RS button
5/ To switch on the audio feature, press the music note button. Choose from an English, Chinese, or Japanese voice.
6/ To switch off the masturbator, hold down the power button for two seconds.

To clean the sleeve:

1/ Gently remove the sleeve from the telescopic shell by pulling it upward
2/ Hold down the small tab and remove the orifice from the masturbator
3/ Remove the sleeve from the orifice and run it under water before applying a special sex toy cleaner
4/ Once the sleeve is clean and dry, put the sleeve back into the orifice, then put the orifice back into the telescopic shell
5/ Push down the telescopic shell to reassemble the toy

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