Squeezable Strong Clapping Vibrating Heating Masturbation Cup

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  • Perfect size, suitable for one-handed operation.
  • Three-stage internal texture, wavy flesh + strong clapping panel + soft raised strips.
  • Squeezable design, manageable penis-wrapping intensity.
  • 7-frequency clapping + vibration pulses, immerse yourself in the strongest orgasm.
  • Heating system, real vagina/anus penetration with endless heat.
  • IPX7 waterproof, feel free to achieve your bathroom plans.
  • USB charging, can be used repeatedly.



Tired of looking for a nice cozy place to put your dick in? Then get yourself this Squeezable Strong Clapping Vibrating Heating Masturbation Cup and get your thing buried in a soft and exciting zone. Perfectly designed in size, it can be easily carried around and suitable for one-handed operation. Surprisingly, it's textured into 3-stage design on the inside, including wavy flesh, a strong clapping panel, and soft raised strips, which take care of the front, middle and back sections of your tool respectively. After the motor is activated, this toy will deliver incredible sensations to you. Caress for glans from those soft raised strips, wild clapping from the movable panel, teasing form the wavy flesh, together with the vibration pulses and burning heat... orgasmic pleasure is so easy! More than that, the squeeze from the outside will further strengthen all the joys you are experiencing. You are the leader of your own joy! All changes about your penis can be observed through the window behind the toy. Have fun!


Product size: 6.3 x 2.5 x 3”

Insertable length: 5.2”

Weight: 0.74 lb

Material: PC+silicone

Package included:
1 x masturbation cup

1 x charging cable

1 x manual

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