Tongue Mermaid Remote Sex Toys 9 Modes Wearable Vibrators

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Color: Green
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Three arranged tongue designs, constantly tease your clitoris. The middle is smooth and imitates the head of the penis, it is easy to insert and dance freely in your vagina. The fish-shaped tail has a regular texture. It is inserted into your anus and rubbed constantly. This clitoral stimulator is wearable, you can wear it for shopping or eating at will, no one will notice its existence. Let the violent hum penetrate your anus and vagina, giving you an unprecedented orgasm experience. 9 vibration modes, you can stimulate your G point and P point at the same time, you don't need to buy an additional vibrator! With wireless remote control design, you can switch the frequency at will and find which mode you like best. Or give the initiative to your partner, it will be very exciting.

Material: Silicone

Package included:
1 x Vibrator
1 x Remote Control
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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