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Why Choose this Dildo Vibrator with Taint Teaser?
Wearing a c-ock ring may increase sensation, which can make masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse more pleasurable
Buzzworthy hand jobs. Vibrating cock rings are just so handy! Slide one over your fingers or the palm of your hand and wear it. Of course, since you have a cock handy for this tip, you can also have them wear the cock ring while you stroke them.
Taint Teaser
This male sex toy: The unique design was created to massage the perineum, the erogenous zone between the scrotum and anus that responds to both pressure and tickles. The super-smooth ring comfortably fits around the base of the shaft and scrotum and can be enjoyed underneath clothing for the ultimate discreet treat.
Withe other sex toy such as male masturbtor, sex ring, dildo, vibrators, this sex product i another your collection. Not only sex toy for male, but also for lovers, couples, even female can use it for clitoral stimulation.
How To Use this Ring?
1.Add your favorite water-based lubricant to the dual enhancement ring. The silicone surface is already smooth, but lubricant ensures that the rings will slide comfortably.
2.Put the head of your penis through both rings first and then pull the shaft through them.
1. Don’t wear a vibaing ring for more than 20 minutes at a time.
2. Be sure to use lots of lube if you’ll be engaging in any kind of butt play.
3. Use a bit of lube to make the ring easier to get on and off.
Discreet Packaging & With USB Rechargeable- This vibrating cock ring will be shipped in private and discreet standard packaging. No any sex toy on the package. USB Rechargeable, No need worry about the low battery and long term use. It is not only  solo play, but also sex toy for male, couples.

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