10-Frequency Vibration Tongue Tentacles Clit Stimulator

Color: pink



  • Slender tongue, specially designed for licking in sensitive areas.
  • Wide opened mouth-like part with tightly distributed spikes, hold the private parts for extended stimulation.
  • Long and non-slip handle, convenient for handheld operation.
  • 10-frequency exciting vibration, feel the happiness delivered from the private parts to the whole body.
  • Ultra-low noise, embrace a secretive sexual lifestyle.



This tongue vibrator simulates real oral sex. We added a vibration function and dense stimulating particles, which will produce a huge shock wave around your clitoris as well as other sweet spots, bringing you an unprecedented experience of mixed orgasm . There are 10 different vibration modes for you to choose, which can fully make your personal liking fulfilled. You can start with a low-frequency vibration to slowly build up your pleasure, and gradually turn to the highest level to get earth-shattering orgasm. The tongue is made of smooth, soft silicone, it will lick your desired areas without hurts. over and over in your vagina. When it is used as a dildo, the dense vibrating particles will constantly tease the clitoris and labia, making you itchy, you will definitely enjoy it! It is versatile and can also be used to nipples, anus, etc. Portable, easy to fit in lady's bag. Ultra-quiet performance, allowing you to spend indulgent time. The handle has a non-slip texture, even if it is stained with water or lubricant, you can hold it tightly in your hand to prevent it from falling.


Product size: 5.9 × 2.4”

Weight: 0.21 lb

Material: ABS+silicone


Package included:
1 x vibrator

1 x charging cable

1 x manual

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