3.9" Golden Metal Gem Anal Plug




  • Unique golden appearance, relieve aesthetic fatigue.
  • Shiny jewel base, decorate charming holes.
  • Swollen tapered head matches with a thin rod and a round stretched bottom support, slide in easily but never fall.
  • Receptive to changes in temperature, suitable for temperature plays.
  • Zinc alloy material, strong and durable.



Decorate your partner with this charming little toy! Different from most metal backdoor toys, it has been given a golden surface, highlighting its nobility and elegance. More than that, the base is inlaid with sparkling gem. It seems like your partner's milky white butt is glowing with this anal toy in, inviting you to enjoy it. The beauty of zinc alloy material is that it makes the product extremely receptive to temperature changes, which means you can change the temperature of the toy when it enters the body according to your own preferences: heat it up to match the body temperature or cool it down to obtain refreshing sex. In addition, this metal material also helps to extend the life of the product and eliminate cleaning troubles as much as possible.



Product size: 1.4 x 3.3”

Weight: 0.79 lb

Material: zinc alloy


Package included:
1 x anal plug

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