👄3 Speeds & 7 Frequencies Intelligent Heating Oral Entanglenment Male Masturbator👄

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The 7 frequency and 3 speed oral entanglement, take you into the erotic wonderland. In addition, its kit is simple, easy to disassemble and install. It can be removed directly and rinsed with water to prevent possible water damage. There are 3 buttons on the handle. The top switch key is also an audio key (long press for 2 seconds to turn on, and click to start switching voice pronunciation); the middle key is to control the inhalation mode; the bottom key is clicked to change the inspiratory frequency with 5 frequencies, and double-clicked to start the heating function. Double-click again to turn off the heating function. Simple operation increases the convenience of life.


Certification: CE
Material: Medical Silicone
Size: Sucking Masturbation
Model Number: The Mermaid
Item Type: Masturbation Cup
Weight: 670g
Size: 227*120*107MM
Kind: Adults Endurance Exercise
Type: Sex Toys for Man
Type1: Male Masturbator
Type 2: Real Vagina
Type 3: Automatic Masturbator
Type 4: Adult Toys
Type 5: Sucking Masturbator
Type 6: Glans Stimulator
Type 7: Deep Throat Blowjob
Vibration: 3 Speed 7 Frequency
Typical: Interactive Pronunciation
Baterry Capacity: 1200mAh

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