5.2” Clear Petite Spiral Male Masturbator




  • Waist figure, easy to hold.
  • Transparent design, inviting internal structure is clearly visible.
  • Fine threads, offer the pleasure of intensive friction.
  • Vagina-imitated structure deep inside the channel, real pussy penetration.
  • TPR material, non-toxic, non-odor and durable.



Benefit from its pocket-friendly size, it has become the first choice for self-entertainment toys necessary for travel, and it spares no effort to help you eliminate any possible emptiness and loneliness. After a long working day, you stretch yourself in the bathtub. Dip your right hand into the water with slender fingers wrapping around the dick and rub it up and down. Your cock swells up visibly. Gradually, you are dissatisfied with what you are going through and want to shove your penis into something more thrilling. it's time. Take the transparent masturbator placed aside, and dripped some of your favorite lubricant into it, then, the long-awaited, thrust into hard. Through the clear material, watch every rib rub the glans and shaft in turn. Incredibly wonderful! More than that, you will encounter a narrow cervix-like area when you advance to the deep, which will give you the last and strongest stimulation. Get ready for the toes-curling finish! In addition, beside its intimate sexual services, we are quite confident in its safety. The material of TPR makes it non-toxic, odorless and durable. A plaything that can be easily taken away in your pocket. You are absolutely fond of it, aren't you?


Product size: 5.3 x 2.4”

Weight: 0.32 lb

Material: TPR

Package included:
1 x pocket pussy

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