7.5 Inch Powerful Motor Vibrating Penis Extension Sleeve




  • Physical promotion, lengthen by 1.2 inches.
  • Bottom motor and 6 raised pustules, easier two-way enhanced sensation of pleasure.
  • Straight tube design, facilitate the thrusting process.
  • Natural skin color and Lifelike veins, realistic visual perception.


The appearance and color of this penis sleeve is as close to real skin as possible. The realistic height of the veins on the glans and penis shaft restores the private zone of men. It increases the length and thickness of your penis with a natural appearance, which is very suitable for men whose dicks are not long enough or who have fast ejaculation. The increase in the thickness of the penis can satisfy women's desire for large sizes, and at the same time increase the friction and squeeze of the male penis, achieving two-way stimulation. A motor is added at the bottom, a simple button can activate the vibration. There are 6 raised pustules on the motor sleeve, which can stimulate the clitoris of your partner during the thrusting process. Not only you can feel the vibration, but also your partner.This penis sleeve has very good elasticity, no matter how you knead and twist it, it can quickly return to its original shape.

Total length: 7.5 inch
Material: Liquid silicone
Diameter of hollow part: 3cm

Package included:
1 x Penis Extension Sleeve

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