Double-Head Curve Shape Stainless Steel G-Spot Prostate Massager




  • Double head, used for the anus or vagina.
  • Round tip, easy to insert.
  • With curvature, ergonomic.
  • Can be heated or cooled, various ways to play.

This orgasm trainer is really a great toy for women. It has a certain curvature, which is convenient to hold in the hand to play the game. Apply an appropriate amount of lubricant and start with a small head. After slowly adapting, you can challenge the other end. As for whether to enter the vagina or anus, it is up to you to decide. Try to rotate the massager 360 degrees, unknown sensitive spots in the body will be suddenly teased. After repeated squeezing and friction, your G or P will eventually burst! Of course, you can also add a bit of fun to your sex life with your partner. Take this orgasm trainer to tease your partner, you will spend a good night in laughter and slapstick.

- Material: Stainless steel.
- Two ball sizes.
- Smooth surface.
- Waterproof and easy to clean.

Package included:
1 x Prostate Massager

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