Heart-Shaped 10-Speed Telescoping Heating Voice Masturbation Cup




  • Heart-shaped top that seems to be embedded in a gemstone echoes the black-red contrast, give you a different visual amazement.
  • Four grooves on the shaft, easy to grasp.
  • 10-frequency telescoping with heating system, more stimulating than real sweet holes.
  • English, Chinese, and Japanese groans, enjoy exotic sex.
  • 6 rows of super soft spikes are arranged on the inner wall of the cover, enhance the intensity of dick massage.
  • Detachable sleeve, easy to clean and prevent bacterial growth.



As a masturbator hobbyist, it has been a long time since you saw a toy that surprised you at first glance, right? The mouth-shaped orifice and the black-red contrast all imply a passionate and lewd intercourse. Just insert the erect penis deep into the sleeve, and the 6 dense rows of spikes immediately give you the first pleasure. Press the telescoping and heating start buttons, the toy is immediately activated and dedicated to serving your bro. Imagine that your hot partner hugs you with arms, her erotic lips slowly open to hold the dick with her head swinging back and forth frantically. That is so wonderful! The surprise doesn't stop there. You can freely switch between three moaning modes in English, Chinese and Japanese. Whether you are proficient in these three languages or not, it will not affect your feeling of absolute ecstasy. In addition, the overall masturbation cup is not waterproof, which means it cannot be sunk into water directly. you are allowed to wipe it with a wet towel. The inner sleeve can be removed and cleaned directly with soap and water. In this way, there can be no breeding of bacteria, thus ensuring peace of mind and worry-free use.


Product size: 3.3 x 9.3”

Insertable length: 3.5”

Internal diameter: 1.5”

Weight: 1.21lb

Material: ABS+TPE


Package included:
1 x masturbation cup

1 x charging cable

1 x manual

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