Lovetoy Remote 3 Frequency 8 Vibration Couples Clitoris Stimulator

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This couples vibrator has 8 selectable vibration modes and 3 frequencies, from weak to strong vibration, you can choose your favorite speed to help you and your partner reach climax and achieve real shared stimulation. This clitoral stimulation has a silky smooth surface, which can slide across all parts of the body, is non-allergenic and does not cause any harm to the body. The unique ""C"" shape conforms to the ergonomic design, perfectly fits the body curve, helps you quickly find sensitive points and experience unprecedented pleasure. This sex toy is also suitable for women to use alone. You can choose to insert the large or small end into the vagina or anus separately to please yourself. You can also insert one end into the anus and the other end into the vagina, focusing on the stimulation of the G-spot and P-spot to produce a double orgasm. In addition, this is also a multi-functional handheld external stimulator that stimulates your nipples, clitoris, testicles, etc., as long as you can think of, you can try it! Wireless remote control design, very suitable for couples to interact. With data cable, the indicator light flashes when charging, and the indicator light is always on when fully charged.

Size: 8*4.5cm
Material: Silicone

Package included:
1 x Clitoris Stimulator
1 x Remote Control
1 x Charging Cable

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