Male Masturbator 5 Speed Telescopic Vibration Voice Environment




  • Realistic and sexy clitoris, like a secret lover waiting for your touch With a big appetite for foreplay, this masturbator cup will do everything to get you feeling exciting tryst in the moment.
  • VOICE INTERACTION & USB CHARGING - It seems that different women are giving you oral sex, moaning and enjoying under you. This male masturbator is USB rechargeable, simple and convenient, you can charge anytime, anywhere, without worrying about battery problems.
  • LISTEN TO WHAT OUR CUSTOMER SAY - "It totally shocked me!! After I got her, I was like a warrior, full of strength and passion""Long-awaited, feels so realistic, great automatic rotating suction masturbator" Take her away and satisfy your sexual fantasies!
  • Soft and Safe Silicone Material - This female vibrator uses body-safe silicone material, safe and non-toxic. In addition, it is made of soft material with moderate softness, comfortable to use without hard irritating pain.


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