Metal Trinity Anal Plug Set Adult Toy




  • Trinity design, the handle conforms to the principle of ergonomics for better grip.
  • 3 graduating heads, enjoy the gradual stretching.
  • Stainless steel material, can be placed in cold or warm water to adjust the temperature for temperature games.
  • Smooth surface, slightly pointed head, middle trigeminal branch, easy to insert while not easy to drop off.
  • Detachable heads, convenient for thorough cleaning and prevent bacterial growth.



Completely put an end to the mess of getting yourself into looking and finding, this toy just makes it a piece of cake to maintain and store, and save you from the endless sorting of personal belongings. The three heads converge in the middle with the help of three thin rods. The unique design is in line with ergonomics, enabling effortless one-handed operation. And each can be screwed up or removed, adding a great boost to the cleaning after carnival. Gradually increasing in girth, these three plugs are designed for people at any level of anal games for super pleasure. Plus, stainless steel has made it an extra highlight. Cold water or hot one can be employed to cool the stuff down or heat it up, so that temperature plays are available for you. In addition, this special material makes itself hard to rust and easy to maintain.


Width: 1.1 x 1.4 x 1.8” at largest point

Weight: 1.03 lb

Material: stainless steel


Package included:
1 x anal plug set

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