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This couples vibrating ring is made from FDA-certified medical grade silicone, it is safe, non-toxic, tasteless and anti-allergic. The human-safe soft silicone has ribs, which are scientifically proven to maintain the hardest erection and increase sexual endurance.

With 9 different powerful vibration modes and a 32-foot wireless remote control, this couples vibrating ring can be used for hands-free stimulation, making it easier to vibrate the cock ring and hit the nipples, clitoris, perineum, and G spot. Let your partner enjoy 9 different kinds of fun under your body, or choose your favorite modes to enjoy this powerful and quiet vibration.

The couples vibrating ring is designed for couples who like adventurous and intimate lifestyles. It not only helps to extend men's endurance but also stimulates women's clitoris through soft vibrating ribbed pads made of body-safe silicone, thereby increasing stimulation.

The couples vibrating ring is ergonomically designed, and it is soft, elastic and silky smooth. It has a super-soft touch and long enough elasticity to fit any size. The dense rib design has 9 vibration modes, which can strongly stimulate the clitoris and vagina and help couples achieve orgasm together.

USB fast charging can bring convenience to users and protect the environment from the impact of battery waste. This couples vibrating ring can provide 1 hour of pleasure from 1 hour of charging. The entire couples vibrating ring is waterproof and easy to clean, which also means you can take things in the bathtub or swimming pool.

All of our sex toys including this couples vibrating ring will be shipped discreetly to protect your privacy, please feel free to contact us if there’s any problem.

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