Silicone Beaded Penis Ring with Ball Ring




  • Super lightweight and pocket-friendly, high invisibility in your briefcase.
  • Beaded cock ring, increase the vagina friction while thrusting to achieve two-way pleasure.
  • Ring at the tail, act as a ball ring and never slip off while shared games.
  • Double rings in one, make yourself a strong and tough man.
  • Pure silicone material, flexible, elastic and safe.



Not only a male enhancer, but a couple-game helper! Further upgraded on the basis of the ordinary penis ring, its total length has reached 4.7 inches, which can act on the penis in a wider range. The beaded one of the two rings is supposed to be placed under the glans corona. In this way, those bulging humps will enter into your mate's charming hole along with your dick to make a greater friction against the inner walls. Similarly, it limits the return of blood from an erect penis, and not only makes your dick look stronger, also prolong sex time. That's how the two-way orgasm be reached. As for the other one at the bottom, the way it is used depends on your mood: be fixed behind the testicles as a ball ring or just work as another penis ring at the base of the erected shaft. When it is used as a ball ring, it not only provides firmness when worn, but also allows you to feel a special pulling pleasure. In addition, the flexible and elastic silicone is enough to adapt to any obscene plans.


Product size: 4.7 x 1.6”

Inner diameter: 1.2”

Weight: 0.04 lb

Material: silicone


Package included:
1 x penis ring

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