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Although anal ball and butt plug both go into the anus, they are two different types. Usually, the butt plug please you by the “fullness” feeling, but the anal beads is going to give you happiness by in-and-out movements! If you’ve tried out plenty of anal toys but haven’t found one you love, Sohimi would suggest you to try this anal ball, You will have ZERO regrets buying this bundle of joy!

Product Features:

Unique Shape - Differs from general gay anal beads composed by many round balls, this anal ball from Sohimi is specially designed in the composition of 5 different-sized drop-shaped beads and a handle loop in the bottom, and the tip of it is perfectly curved to touch the P point.

Ergonomic Design - The bead at the tip is the smallest, and it gets larger as it gets closer to the loop. Each bead is designed to fit tightly to the internal texture of the anus. You can control the anal ball with the handle loop easily and decide how deep it should go into according to your own condition.

Quality Made & Affordable Price - This anal ball is made from superior silicone that is super sturdy and stretchy. You can fold it to any angle to fit different positions without breaking down, whether you prefer using it in the bed, in the bathroom or on the sofa or on the floor, this anal ball absolutely will satisfy all your needs!  

Tips for Using Sohimi Anal Ball:

- Add plenty of lubricant to avoid anal dryness

- It’s quite a long anal toy because the total length of the anal ball is 9 inches, do not put it all the way to the end of it at your first try, put it in step by step and stop when you feel uncomfortable.

- Gently move in and out, pulling the anal ball roughly may hurt the fragile anus.

Anal Ball | Gay Anal Beads | Long Anal Toy
Anal Ball | Gay Anal Beads | Long Anal Toy
Anal Ball | Gay Anal Beads | Long Anal Toy
Anal Ball | Gay Anal Beads | Long Anal Toy

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