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This blowjob sex toy is one of the bestsellers on our website. The total length of it is 8.46 inches, so the size is available for almost all people. There are 3 vibration strengths from weak to powerful for you to choose from, moreover, this blowjob sex toy has 10 vibration frequencies and 3 suction modes, which means it can imitate real oral sex to give you unimaginable fun!

Unlike other similar electric masturbators, the best-selling point of this blowjob sex toy is its airbag design. With 4 airbags inside squeezing at the same time, you can directly feel it tighter and tighter. What’s more, this blowjob sex toy provides you 4 massage modes with a more realistic oral pinching sensation feeling, just like squeezing from the throat in a sexy mouth.

Most electric masturbators with a heating function have a high price, but this one from Sohimi is the cheapest and of high quality. This blowjob sex toy can be automatically heated to 42℃, simulating the vaginal temperature to give you a comfortable experience.

The outer wall design of the blowjob sex toy conforms to ergonomic design, as well as non-slip texture design, simple and comfortable shape is convenient to hold, and the frosted shell provides a good feel, allowing you to devote yourself to this high-grade oral sex and vaginal enjoyment.

This blowjob sex toy is made of non-toxic ABS which is soft, flexible, and skin-friendly. 

All of our products including this blowjob toy will be shipped discreetly to protect your privacy.

sohimi penis masturbator

sohimi penis masturbator

sohimi penis masturbator

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